Tudo pra mim é um ser

A cadeira é um ser

Eu sou um ser

A cadeira foi feita da madeira

A madeira é um ser

A madeira que faz a cadeira não está podre nem morta

Quando chega nesse estágio ela não é mais comercializada

Ninguém mais a compra para fazer moveis, cadeiras

Então a cadeira é um ser

É a mesma árvore

Em forma de outro produto

De outra coisa

De outro ser

O ser é o mesmo na verdade

A essência da árvore continua nesse pedacinho de cadeira

Dessas madeiras

Então, tudo é um ser.

O furacão é um ser

É um ser vivo

Dizer que ele não tem conscienciência?

Como saber?

Quem já é o furacão pra falar com o furacão?

Quem já é a cadeira pra falar com a cadeira?

“Estar no olho do furacão”

Dentro do momento onde tudo começa a rodar

Até que a gente consiga ser expelido lá de cima

Daquele vortex às avessas

Que vai …

Aquele furacão que vai se abrindo lá em cima

A gente é cuspido fora dele junto com as casas e vacas

Que dentro dele também estavam rodando

Essa sensação opressora

Esse panico que já não mais me pertence

Que nunca me pertenceu

Foi uma criação da minha mente

Foi uma ilusão

Pareceu tão real

Senti na carne

Não teve nada em mim que não o sentiu.

(Josane Mary Amorim, Nunspeet – NL)


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Bate-papo com ACIMA-Itália.


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TRIBUNA DA INTERNET | O atrativos da maturidade no amor, segundo ...


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Blessed intuition of mine! Oh happy day! Gratitude Source!


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When Tea Hits the Soul – multidimensional beings!

It feels good.
Love is important.
We are in a situation in the world right now, where love is the only thing that matters.
We all share a bond, community – collaboration -, working together.
There is a renew here; there is hope here; there is the alignment of the stars here. Friendship & soulmates are coming towards each other. We all came from the same soul factory, reaching out to one another gracefully, manifesting together.

Out of the box now. It is the vibe, the flow.

Here & now, working on our relationships.
Desire to work together.
The best tarot cards are jumping out of joy!
Success on the horizon, coming about!
Solid, grounded.
Perfect for building a relationship upon it.
There is a new beginning.
There is a new opportunity coming about here.
Recognition will follow it.
It is about vitality.
It is all about the victory of love!
There is a truth that needs to be seen, needs to be embraced, regardless of how overwhelming it feels.

She, the queen of al l triumphs, has been manifested, reliable; real; written on stones.
Sun shines to two soulmates.
Divine feminine & divine masculine.
It all is overcoming trials and turbulences.
It is about souls and contracts, where each other, and every word of it is all about love!
Angels were present as witnessing the joy it all meant.
Now is the perfect moment.
We, angels, are guiding and opening the doors for your higher self.

Life can be electrifying because life is energy.
Use your healing hands.
Everything has been taking care of; thus, meditate and feel it all.
They are so in love with you!
They refuse to show it; quit the false mask, darling.
I mean, acting like if you were not interested, it wouldn’t help you.
The feelings will grow more influential on you, inside of your very soul.

Out with the oud.
Just standing by watching things as they unfold, not participating much.
Things seem to stabilize, somehow.
Observer mood is the vibe.
The fresh start.
Had to go within to find the right reading glasses.
Defenseless remains a little shy.
Something is changing.
Lots of pentacles, all of them!
Heading towards fulfillment; the best sorts of it.

Who do you want?
You know who you really want.
Take your ego out of the way, and you’ll find what you want.
Hold on.
I hold on; no reaction from me.
It is your move – go for it.
We had something together.
You didn’t bring your higher-self.
You were not there – so annoying.
You want to make the right choice.

There is plenty of love right here!
I am swimming on it.

Only kindness has wings!
Reclame your power – the miracles are endless!
There is an action to be taken.
Whatever it might be, a connection or a project, go for it. Go!
Things will move along.
You have started the healing process. Go!
You have love to give!
The moon carries your secrets & illusions, the dear ones.
Going back and forth seems to be the flow.
Many things at once.

Take your time – it is the energy surrounding.
The starts, ah, they never lie!
It might also be the energy of beginning something which will bring lots of changes.
It is all expected to bring about; after all, there is a lot of love over here.

I open my heart and mind to the abundance of the universe!


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When tea hits the soul, let it be blissfully. (by Josane Mary)

Gratitude Source! Gratitude Spirit! Gratitude Anscestors! Appreciation for it all!

Turn around fear into possibilities.
Be the alchemist on you.
See the potential—work from a place of possibilities.
Live in your supreme head.

Act on intuition, the superpower.

Nine of wands and the justice tarot’s card see us trying to balance things out, all psychopathically.
We are working together on manifesting it all.
Something is changing very fast.
You are the one, but you still need to grow.
I was holding back.
Out of love, I move away.
Love for myself and you.
No staying different than a king & queen of wands!
Sisters. Stars are guiding, leading the way.
They were shinning away any doubts.
I am leveling up the journey.
If I don’t see it differently, I fade away. If I see in full light, darkness fades away.
I recognize it now, on my significant crisis life.

There is the possibility that I am not as sharp as a sinner, nor either.
Are you aware of it?
Here is about nostalgia.

Now you know, you have seen it. You have felt it.

The heart chakra is alive in its full content now.
I am happy for you! Your light stands to shine. Well done!
Enjoy your contemplating mood.
It is all changing.
There were blocks, a few, many.
You are not blocking any longer.
Manifesting. Hopefully. Possibilities.
We were so unaware of all this.

Remember now how fragile it all is?
Welcome the stages of awareness on you!
Laugh your heart out.
Breath in – Breath out.
Spin daily. Balance yourself.
Dance in the rain. Cherish the moment.
Ignore the pain. Forgive and forget.
Life is too short to be living with regrets.

Drink lots of water!
Be ready for the many downloads!
The sun, the lion, the king of swords are guardians around me, for I believe in them.

There is this remarkable outlook for Gaia’s future. I can see clearly now!
We are all unique, and none of us special.
Isn’t that wonderful?
We all are powerful!
We can accomplish anything we set our mind, heart, and soul into.
Too late for regrets.
I’m centered and content not to look back the same away.
New perception has changed everything. It took me over!
I am tuned in.

We all undergo the 12 stages of our consciousness, Scorpio, each of which has its specific vibes.
Call me Pisces for I’m the first, the connection with unity.
Call me Aquarius and tell me, how can I inspire you?
Call me Capri; I rule everything Pisces inspires me to order!
Call me Sagi, for I hold together the collective consciousness.
Call me Scorpio, for I’m the key-keeper to all doors.
Call me Libra, for my harmonious clay, is in everything.
Call me Virgo, for I’m the healer of the zodiac.
Call me Leo, for I bring purpose to life.
Call me Cancer, for I ensure we’ll survive.
Call me Gemini, for I’m the process of translating wisdom into words.
Call me Taurus, for I manifest it all.
Call me Aires, for I’m the one responsible for courage on the planet.
Regardless of which one of the 12 stages of consciousness we are, let’s not allow anything to trigger us for It all comes down to:
If we boil an egg, it turns hard, but if we don’t, it becomes a chicken.

Would it be the beauty of life? I wonder.
Surrender to the magic of self-alignment and free will to experience the alchemist on us and experience the inevitable.

The darkest night of the soul is needed, but don’t allow anything to trigger you.
If you engage in it, you give your power away.
There are lots around us on the making of it.
It has triggered us to believe we should be afraid of the dark.
We are awake now and acknowledging fear as it is an illusion.
No more should or try.
Only after embracing the darkest night of the soul, we see the light.
The illusion of fear triggers the ongoing process of downloading information; illusion is not real, but for our mind, it seems so.
Where we keep our focus, there is where our energy goes, and that energy creates & shapes our reality.
Bare with me on that!
Let’s dive deep and see where we are internally.
If there is still resentment and ongoing intern dialog – as a cassette recorder-, playing the same information, over and over, it feels similar to running the wrong pathway, for it leads nowhere but exhaustion.
Disengage from any event which brings heavy and sad emotions.
Everything is vibration. Keep it high!
Everything is frequency. Keep it pristine!

When tea hits the soul, let it be blissfully!


Gratitude, darling Eternal Transformation Tarot! What a reading!


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We transcend!

Gratitude, darling Matt Kahn – ascended Master!


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The Pleiadian Book – Pleiadian Message Explaining Everything

Gratitute, dear Yer Murley! Appreciate all info beyond any word can express!

[…] The Pleiadians, are an incredible extraterrestrial race, coming from the planet Erra, near the star Taygeta, in the Constellation of Taurus, and are the extra-terrestrials, that most resemble. The Pleiadians are a collective of extraterrestrials from the star system The Pleiades. They call themselves our ancient family because many of us came here from The Pleiades to participate. Pleiadian Message Explaining Everything – Remembrance is awakening of the soul – The Pleiadians Book doesnt exist as regular book with ISBN, its a collection of texts Don Showen.[…]


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Possibilities & Grace, therefore, speachless & thankfull!

“Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence…

…and I learn whatever stage I may be in, therein to be content.”

– Helen Keller

Gratitude, Melodysheep – YouTube channel’s provider of those remarkable videos! So much knowledge gathered from your ascended masterhood! Happy & Proud to share it!


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When Tea Hits the Soul – Each and everyone of them.

Music by Summer Chillout Music-

Each and everyone of them

(by me)

What underlies me is curiosity, always present.
Euphoria and dreams. Learning to see the beauty of things.
Vitality and patience. There are a lots of things around me. Lots of passion.
Look out for something desired, aware of those who seem to hide theirs true colors.
Done with anxiety. Done with its all aspects & shapes. Done.
Moving forward. It gives vitality. It is the beaming force that gives energy & vigor to life.
This is the passion around, Scorpio.
Truth; end discussion. Shinning light guiding forward.
Wish upon the star. It is coming. Focus. Keep on reading the signs.
Just going with the flow. Following my guts; the guts I feel.
Thank you, but no, thank you.
Patience, patience, patience.
Sun & world awaits for me, you, us, all of us.
Be love. Share love. Understand love.
How can we turn our point of attraction to what we truly want?
The words I speak have power; both, the ones spoken to others and even more, the ones spoken to myself.
Euphoria amplifies the beauty that life has to offer.
Just embracing love, joy & prosperity.
Dreams guiding me. Setting the pathway to the desired future, meaning the world of infinite possibilities.
Looking carefuller about theirs own meaning, each and everyone of them.
It is all about love.
It feels so good!

Shanti, Shanti, Shanti!


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