It’s already happening, by Alan Watts

There are no words to describe how gratefull I’m for the memorable Alan Watts – what a soul!

and thank you so much for your visit!
JÔ 🙂

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Faça um favor ao UNIVERSO, seja você mesmo!

Quando o Chá Atinge a Alma – fique tranquilo e atraente.
Assim, faça um favor ao UNIVERSO, seja você mesmo e honre seus padrões e limites; o UNIVERSO aguarda por sua singularidade.
Ame-se acima de tudo & ame tudo acima de si mesmo; encontre este equilíbrio, e balançe junto com todo esse jazz – é incrível!

Você já experenciou a chuva?
E depois então, sentiu em seus ossos que a chuva também estava experenciando você? Hum…?
Você já percebeu que você é uma expressão de FONTE/UNIVERSO tendo uma experiência (ser, ver & sentir) da “vida” através de seus olhos, mas não apenas através dos seus?

Muito obrigada por assistir!
Dia lindo para você também, das florestas mágicas na Holanda.


When Tea Reaches The Soul – stay cool & attractive.
Thus, do the UNIVERSE a favor, be yourself, and honor your standards & boundaries; IT awaits your uniqueness.
Love yourself above all, love all above yourself; find this balance, and swing along with all that jazz – it feels amazing!
Have you ever experienced the rain?
And then, felt in your bones that it was also experiencing you?
Have you realized you are an expression of SOURCE/UNIVERSE having an experience of seen “life” through your eyes, not through your eyes only, though!?

Thank you very much for watching!
Lovely day to you! from the magic Dutch woods,

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Quando o chá atinge a Alma! (publicado em 19/Outubro/2019)

Josane Mary


A cada sete anos, um novo ciclo se inicia em nossas vidas.

A partir do meu oitavo, experiêncio um encontro dentro de mim mesma; além de comigo mesma e ao mesmo tempo ainda só isso.

Preenchi-me de uma presençaawareness, consciência -, que me permite aprender a alcançar, dentro de mim, ferramentas quânticas inovadoras, e ter acesso às respostas que elucidam.

Finalmente! Sem elas, teria permanecido no campo da utopia; seguiria sem perceber o fascinante campo eletromagnético que somos e que nos cerca.

Passei a perceber a ressonância entre micro e macro universos. Em consequência, passei a observar o que crio através dos meus pensamentos e ações. Passei a observar o que costumava também pensar ser minha identidade: o ego – self. Nada de errado em tê-lo; é parte de nós. Percebi o meu confuso, e, apesar de valente, ainda sem noção de acesso à verdadeira resposta…

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March 11th, 2021

Namaste! Stay cool & attractive!

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the merits of Zen

by Chuck Lorre

There is a wonderful story about a learned man who wanted to see a Zen master to debate the merits of Zen. The master poured him a cup of tea and purposely kept on pouring, so the tea ran over the cup and spilled on the table. The man was startled and asked the master what he was doing. The Zen master replied: “You are like this cup, too full of your own opinions to receive anything else.”
Now I would like to invite anyone reading this vanity card to empty yourself of all your opinions, beliefs, fears, hopes, resentments, and desires for just one moment. Just let them all go… empty your cup. Good. Some call this emptiness nirvana – attained by years of meditation. I would suggest another path to attain this state of emptiness: write and produce twenty-four sitcom episodes in thirty-five weeks. Which is the origin of another Zen riddle: if no one hears a comedy writer weeping inconsolably while curled in a fetal ball, is he still funny?

When Tea Hits The Soul (Quando o Chá Atinge a Alma. A vaidade do Ser Espiritual!)


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Happy 10th anniversary, “Mevrouw Jane”!

Arquivo do mês: fevereiro 2011

         Escrever tem sido uma paixão! E eis que me encontro em vias de publicar um livro. Meu primeiro: Mevrouw Jane. “Mevrouw” significa: senhora, em Holandês, mas ele foi escrito em Português. Já estou fazendo a versão para o Inglês; depois, farei para o Holandês. …

“Mevrouw Jane” – 10th anniversary!

Gratitude all over!


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Gratitude all over!

“You always do what you always did, you will never get a different outcome. Now is the time to shake that up and do something different to get a different outcome.

That is the action and change – major decision. Your future self will thank you.

Endings bringing new beginnings, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes.

Go within and ask yourself, “Who do I need to became and what do I need to believe in order to live the life of prosperity?”

Answer honestly and from the heart; then, the decidion about which way to go will be effortless.

Know that abundance is all around you – choose to see it and will be easier to settle on a direction, for the way will be made clear by your intuition, which knows how to steer you towards your well-being.”

(by heavens!)

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Happy 2021! Happy New Era!


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21-12-2020! COSMIC ME – scorpio, age of aquarius! What a year!

Each one of us, the collective – as a large community.

What underlies me is curiosity, always present. Euphoria and dreams. Learning to see the beauty of things. Vitalit and patience. There are lots of things around, lots of passion. Look out for something desired, aware of those who seem to hide their true colors. Done with anxiety; done with its all aspects & shapes; done. Healing, Strength & Resilience – moving forward. It gives vitality. It is the beaming force that provides energy & vigor to life; this is the passion around, Scorpio.

Truth, end the discussion. Shinning light-guiding forward. Wish upon the star. It is coming. Focus. Keep on reading the signs and just going with the flow. Following my guts, the guts I feel. Thank you, but no, thank you—patience, patience, patience. Sun & world awaits for me, you, us, all of us. Be love. Share love. Understand love. How can we turn our point of attraction into what we truly want? The words I speak have power, both-the ones spoken to others and even more, the ones told to myself.

by “happinez” 20andsomething

Euphoria amplifies the beauty that life has to offer—just embracing love, joy & prosperity. Dreams guide me, setting the pathway to the desired future, the world of infinite possibilities, and looking carefully about their meaning, every one of us. It is all about love, and it feels so good!

The world is in a situation right now where all of us are concentrated in love. There is a renew here, there is hope here, there is an alignment of the stars here. Friendships & soulmates are coming towards each other. We all came from the same soul factory. Reaching out to one another gracefully and manifesting together. Out of the box now. It is the vibe, the flow. Here & Now. Working on our relationships. Desire to work together. Major tarot’s Arcanas are jumping out of joy! Success is on the horizon, for we are done with co-dependency. Success is on the horizon, coming about! Solid ground. Perfect for building a relationship upon it. There is a new beginning. There is a unique opportunity coming about here. Right here, right now! Recognition will follow it.

It is all about the victory of love!

There is a truth that needs to be seen. It needs to be embraced regardless of how overwhelming it feels and seems. Triumphs. She has been manifesting – solid-real-written on stones! Sun shines to soulmates. Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine – that is the call – it is about overcoming trials and turbulence. It might be a soul contract, where every word of it is all about love. Angels are present as witnessing the joy it all means. Now is the perfect moment – magic is guiding and opening the doors.

Life can be electrifying because life is energy.

Use your healing hands. Listen with your healing silence. Everything has been taking care of. Meditate and feel it all. Quite the false mask, darling; acting like if you weren’t interested won’t help. The feeling will grow stronger on you, inside your very soul. You don’t want us to know that you are passionate about it. Give us that satisfaction.

Something is changing very fast.

Just standing by. Watching things as they unfold, not participating much. Things seem to be stabilized somehow. ‘Observer mode’ is the vibe. The fresh start; had to go within to find the real reading glasses. Defenseless remains a little shy. Something is changing and heading towards full fulfillment. An emotional one, regardless. Who do you want? You know who you like. Take the ego out of the way, and you find what you want. Hold on. I hold on. It is your move. Go for it. We had something together, and you didn’t bring your higher self; so annoying of you. You want to make the right choice. There is plenty of love right here!

Nine of wands and the justice tarot’s card see us trying to balance things out, all psychopathically. We are working together on manifesting it all. Something is changing very fast. You are the one but you still need to grow. Holding back. Out of love, I move away. Love for myself and you. No staying different than a king & queen of wands! Sisters. Stars are guiding, leading the way and shinning away any doubts, and leveling up the journey. Suppose I don’t see it differently. If I see in full light, darkness fades away. You recognize it now, in your significant crises life. There is the possibility that you are not as sharp as a sinner, or neither both. You are aware of it. Here is about nostalgia. Now you know. You have seen it. You have felt it. The heart chakra is alive in its full content now. I’m happy for you! Your light stands to shine. Well done! Enjoy your contemplating mood. It is all changing—past memories. There were blocks, a few, many. You’re not blocking any longer. Manifesting. Hopefully. Possibilities. We were so unaware of all this. Remember now how fragile it all is?

12 stages of our consciousness

Gratitude Source! Gratitude Spirit! Gratitude Ancestors! Gratitude in all for all!
When tea hits the soul, Let the Sunshine in! Turn around fear into possibilities. Be the alchemist on you. See the potential—work from a place of possibilities. Live in your divine head! Welcome the state of awareness on you. Live. Laugh. Love. Laugh your heart out—dance in the rain. Cherish the moment. Ignore the pain. Forgive and forget. Life is too short to be living with regrets. The sun, the lion, the king of swords are guardians around me, for I believe in them. There is this fabulous outlook for Gaia’s future. I can see clearly now. We are all unique, and none of us is special. We are all-powerful. We can accomplish anything we set our mind, heart, and soul into. Too late for regrets. I’m centered and happy not to look back the same way. New perception has changed everything. It took me over! All my focus on my higher self and me. Aware that we all undergo the 12 stages of our consciousness, Scorpio. Each one of them with its specific vibe.

Call me Pisces for I’m the first, the connection with unity.
Call me Aquarius and tell me how can I inspire you?
Call me Capri, I rule everything Pisces inspires me to rule!
Call me Sagi, for I hold together the collective consciousness.
Call me Scorpio for I’m the key-keeper to all doors.
Call me Libra, for my harmonious clay is in everything.
Call me Virgo, for I’m the healer of the zodiac.
Call me Leo, for I bring purpose to life.
Call me Cancer, for I insure we’ll survive.
Call me Gemini, for I’m the process of translating wisdom into words.
Call me Taurus, for I manifest it all.
Call me Aires, for I’m the one responsible for courage on the planet.

Regardless of which one of the 12 stages of consciousness we are, let’s not allow anything to trigger us for It all comes down to:

If we boil an egg
it turns hard
but if we don’t
it turns into a chicken.

That is the beauty of life: the free will to choose, free will to grasp the meaning of freedom and its consequences. The magic of self-alignment, swimming in the law of attraction, thus, in the inevitable.

Recognition’s energy – darkest night of the soul.

Don’t allow anything to trigger you. If you engage in it, you give your power away. There are lots around us in the making of it. Matrix has triggered us to believe we should be afraid of the dark. We are awake now and acknowledging fear as it is an illusion. Only after embracing the darkest night of the soul, we see the light. The illusion of fear triggers the ongoing process of downloading information, which is not real, but for our mind, it seems so; where we keep our focus – there is where our energy goes, therefore, creating & shaping our reality; bare with me on that. Let’s dive deep and see where we are at internally. If there is still resentment and intern ongoing dialog, as a cassette recorder, playing the very same information, over and over go within again and again, there – within – you find all the answers you crave for; while you don’t do so, it is similar to running the wrong pathway, for it leads nowhere but exhaustion; deep down we know way more, lets follow our inner voice.

“Each one of you shines the light. The rest will gather unto you like moths to a flame, they feel the energy and they want what you have to share.” by THEO

Darling, Nadiya Shah, so grateful for your brilliant mind, Sister! Love you!

Lovely DECEMBER. and a REMARKABLE 2021 to all of you, my fabulous friends!


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Simply being yourself – I AM ENOUGH!

Being flexible and staying present with this one breath and moment of being alive, it is all that we have.
The moment of right now.
Living with the love of being alive and loving kindness is the magic of manifesting and of Living in your power.
It is all about love.
Believe in yourself and remember that the past is done and gone, let go of it.
The future is a great mystery to unfold.
So, stay joyous in the moment.

Simply being yourself in a unique way that is open to the mystery and trust in your life. We all have obstacles, hardships, difficult times in our lives.
We can choose to be present in our joys of being present in understanding, flexible and not defining ourselves by our hard times.
Witness the process of creating the changes that you desire and believe in your abilities to transform the energies into the learning process of becoming the best version of being you.
Intention and attention in the love of being alive and being free to do what the universe offers in the moment of love and understanding that miracles exist in our lives.
We all have the power of presence of being loving and alert.
Relax into your truth and the trust of doing your best in Living with the grace of love in all ways of being present.
Generosity, gratitude, compassion, kindness, respect, nurturing and doing all that you can to be present and to do things that are beneficial for the energies of love.
Celebrate your life with gentleness and the blessings of all that exists.
(by PARRY)


Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius on winter’s solstice December 21, 2020.
This is the start of a new 20-year cycle and a 200-year cycle in the air signs.
This is cause for celebration.
Thinking outside the box, being inspired with new ideas and future possibilities.
Experimenting with new ways and challenging outmoded beliefs and practices will bring personal growth and fulfillment. MAKE THIS VIRAL! AGE OF AQUARIUS FINAL ACTIVATION DECEMBER 21ST 2020
It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world into our own hands!
We all agree that the process of planetary liberation is taking too long. Here is our chance to collectively speed up the process. Therefore we are using the opportunity of the powerful Jupiter Saturn great conjunction on December 21st to create a portal through which we will unify our consciousness and trigger the process that will lead us into the Age of Aquarius.
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