English version MEVROUW JANE available in e-book

Dear reader,
First of all, thank you so much for your interest in my literary work.
It means the world to me!
Let me give you some info about myself and my novel MEVROUW JANE.
I am Brazilian, 50 years of age, live with a Dutchman, and I have been living in the Netherlands since 2003. I used to work as a lawyer in my homeland and writing it is a passion that has always been with me.
At the age of 38, due to major forces, I moved from Brazil to the United States and pursued my dream of studying English as a second language at Harvard University, which I took particularly seriously such way I was awarded three times consecutively the ‘Lilith Shinagel Essay Prize.’ Since then, writing has become even more exciting and I became an independent writer.
In 2003, I experienced my first autumn in the Netherlands. I had just learned a new language, lived in a foreign country, and I was again facing the urgent need of integrating into a new culture, learning and incorporating it into my life. With this new culture came many new experiences, both beneficial and unfavourable. I had no neighbours for a year; therefore, I tried to make the most out of that privacy and isolation. Through writing, I was daily and with ease recording everything that had a different sense to me, inspired by the details of a certain forest; that was a beautiful sight! Once, I called a dear friend in Brazil and announced, “A whole grove is preparing to give birth, and it’s happening before my very eyes!” About a year later, when moving house, I lost all my writing and sadness took over; without the need for permission or keys, it invaded my soul. I felt many laboured to write, until the urge to write hit me back. I was mesmerized, and since then the act of writing has become my faithful friend.
In 2010, the process of writing ‘Mevrouw Jane’ – in Portuguese, my mother tongue – was a pleasant trip into an imaginary place in the future, to express about my past. The memories that ‘Mevrouw Jane’ tells to Sofia are mine; they are the ups and downs I faced, especially in my early years here in the Netherlands; for instance, when I was mislead to believe that I had a Borderline Personality Disorder.
In 2011, the 1st. edition of ‘Mevrouw Jane’ was published and sold out in Brazil within a few months; soon after came the 2nd one, and the desire to make my novel available to a foreign audience grew on me. No doubts, it was a gigantic challenging task to attempt to translate the first draft myself. But I must say this: many independent writers, like me, realized how disappointed they were about the translation of their books; they searched for the best translators, but even then they faced the disappointment when realizing how their works were “mutilated” by the translator.
In 2012, during my summer classes for ‘Creative Writing’ at the Writing Studio in Amsterdam, I was told about the possibility of having an edition done by one of their experts in New York. I contacted them and after a few chats via Skype, I was advised by a French/English editor, who works for years with the WS, not to be over concerned about not writing as if I were a native English for I was not; that what mattered it was to have a proper grammatical structure, a verisimilar history to tell, a pleasant one to read; that my Brazilian language background certainly enriched my writing; that the English readers would notice the difference on the way of expressing ideas or emotions, but it wouldn’t mean that they would understand it; that, actually, it would be a way of showing that there are others way of doing so. I got her point and it gave me confidence to go on. 
“The job of the translator is not to readapt the text for a foreign audience, but to find the true voice of the original work and its original intent. Seeking significance in another person’s work and transporting the translator into the mind of the writer.”
[Constance Borde and Sheila Malovany-Chevallier, translators of the masterpiece ‘the Second Sex,’ by Simone de Beauvoir, page xxii,2011]
I have spent the last three years translating ‘Mevrouw Jane’ into English. Even being the true voice of the original work, it has been a daunting task, and a splendid learning process. I knew it could be done if well edited by an English native speaker or an expert.
I thank very much Christine van der Klei not only for her edition but also for her insights to grasp my meanings. I owe a debt of gratitude to my dear Ellen Akkermans for her dedication not only with the edition but also with the outlining expressions.
I also thank extremely much all my dear friends and loved ones for their support, always available to gladly provide me strength to overcome obstacles and exhaustion: Juun Akkermans, Ingrid Akkermans, Richard Hollink, Rowdley Rossi, Michel Janssen, Antônio Ramiro Fonseca, Márcia Elbers, Sabine Vorsteveld, Ute Schwabe, and Delanes Depianti to name a few.
My thanks to my dear colleagues writers, literary agent, who became friends: Diana Lima, Jacilene Brattas, Sônia Miquelin, Rosemary Mantovani, Roseni Kuraný, Lúcia Amélia Brüllhardt, Sueli Guisler, and Samaritana Pasquier to name a few.
I am out of words to thank all my Brazilian readers for their cheerful feedback and for offering me all the reasons to go on with this translation project.
I thank, full of emotions, to all the English and Dutch readers who contacted me looking forward to read my work. 
MEVROUW JANE  is not autobiographic novel, it is fiction based upon real experiences. ‘Mevrouw Jane’ taught me much regarding developing my inner self. Now it is for you, English reader, time to enjoy her.
To read Chapters I to VII, out of XXX, please click in this link: Novel MEVROUW JANE by Josane Mary Amorim – Chapters I to VII out of XXX.
The whole novel, e-book version, it is already available for sale – € 5,00.
To puschase it, please, contact me.
I humbly hope that this version won’t let you down.




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