The heart is 5000 times stronger magnetically than the brain!


This subject fascinates me! That is why I realized the major important of writing about it, after hours spent on listening to lectures and documentaries (online) on the subject, reading articles published in the HMI-Institut HeartMath ( HMI is a non-profit organization, which, with its revolutionary thesis goes on researching the significant relationship between the heart and the brain. With more than two decades of validated scientific research, the results of these indicate the explanation of how the heart contributes to our daily life.

Before proceeding, though, I heartily invite those who are not familiar with the topic to do their research if they wish, and to allow deepening in the subject, for I guarantee that the gain knowledge and clarifications will be incalculable, with great consequences for you and loved ones.

Science confirms: the heart is stronger than the brain!


The human heart has recently come to be documented and studied as the strongest organ in the human body regarding generation of electric and magnetic fields.

The crucial relevance of such discovery is due the fact that until recently used to be known that it is in the brain where all the “action” takes place. No doubt, the brain has its electric and magnetic field, but they are relatively weak compared with the heart’s that is about 100 times stronger electrically and 5000 times stronger magnetically!

Our physical world as we know it is made of these two energy fields: electrical and magnetic. Our physics books tell us that if we can change an atom, so its magnetic field or energy, we are completely changing the structure of that atom.


Currently, scientific studies have shown that – in response to the emotion that we create between our heart and brain -, the human heart is capable of making changes in both electric or/and magnetic fields in our bodies and our world.

A new Science is emerging and telling us, “there is an energy field that emphasizes all the physical realities” 1.

Electromagnetic Field of the Heart

In 1944, the father of quantum theory, Max Planck, identified this energy field and called it ‘The Matrix.’ He explained that ‘Underlying everything we see – including our bodies -, in everything we see around us in the world, there is the existence of what should be a conscious and intelligent mind.’

Max Planck

Max Planck

Edgar Mitchell, the former US astronaut, called this field ‘Mind of Nature.’


Edgar Mitchell

Stephen Hawking, the bright British physicist, cosmologist, and mathematician, calls it “The Mind of God; and others call ‘The Field‘.

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking

Science is also beginning to realize that there is a close relationship between what we created with what we feel, and with our conscious choices, and that we can influence our world with such feelings and choices, such as the perfect relationship, abundance in our lives, and healing our loved ones. These feelings create patterns of magnetic and electric fields in our hearts that are rearranging things in this quantum essence, allowing the claims in our hearts to manifest in the world around us.

Did you know


measured up to several feet away


Practically all ancient traditions and texts remind us that we are interconnected and connected to each other – I mean the monasteries in Egypt, Tibet and India; the Andean traditions in Bolivia and Peru; and indigenous. In them, there is information in the knowledge that what we feel in our body affects the world in some way. Such traditions and texts reveal that we are one, we are part of our world, our planet, and its changes.

mind and heart

From the last years of the last century and the first years of this new twenty-first century, Science has offered us the reason for our “logical mind” to make such interconnection, connection, and realize how much we are related to the world around us and how we influence it. And honoring such a connection through our heart, we have the power to change what happens on our planet, which is the fundamental base that sustains all life, and also our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. All this is because the magnetic field of our planet.


The magnetic field of our planet has become the focus of intense attention from the tragic terrorist event flocked in New York on September, 11th-2001. During that period, something extraordinary was verified by the United States through its two satellite called GOES (Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite). These satellites are positioned respectively in the southern and northern hemispheres, whose function is to read/measure – every 30 minutes – the planet Earth’s magnetic field, and send back such data to the base that operate them – the two satellite. Typically, such data allied at a particular measurement/frequency. From September, 11th-2001, scientists realized some readings/measures totally out of previously recorded patterns. Challenged and intrigued by undeniable facts, scientists questioned about the reason for what could be influencing the magnetic field of our planet as visible and dramatically, causing massive spikes. As a result, they superimposed such data in a calendar of months and days and found out that the peaks had occurred exactly on September, 11th-2001, and more precisely, the first peak had occurred 15 minutes after the first plane had hit the first tower of the World Trade Center.


It is undeniable that due to technology and the media in general, the first 15 minutes that morning became news in all four corners of the planet, uniting thoughts and hearts of almost all humankind.

The reason why the discovery made by the GOES satellites became crucial for scientists is that, for the last 300 years, our Science was based on two false assumptions:

1st:  The space in the universe is empty.

2nd.: Our inner experience (thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs) has no effect on the world beyond our body.

The current Science already recognizes that space in the universe is full of living and essential materials for life (acting as a conductor) and that our inner experience influences it.

After the mentioned readings of GOES satellites, an intense series of studies had to be held. Scientists began to document them and conclude that the magnetic field produced by the human heart for a particular kind of emotion goes far beyond our body; that the magnetic field affects the physical world such a way that satellites hundreds of miles above the surface are capable of registering it.

Currently, these findings have also led to several other series of studies. They show that when some people get together at a given time and create an emotion in their hearts, this emotion literally can intentionally influence the magnetic field that sustains life on planet Earth. Such power is absolute and relates to everything around us: from our immune response to the changes of our planet, such as weather patterns, the cycles of war and peace, our ability to solve problems and our cognitive abilities. All these things, even though they appear to have no relation to each other, in fact, they are interconnected and are directly related to our relationship with the Earth’s magnetic field.


So, what makes all this so fascinating and touching? Every human being on the planet is connected to this field, but not every person on the planet necessarily have to be aware of this relationship to benefit from the results offered by the relatively small number of individuals who are already aware of it.

That’s right; you read it correctly. Not every human being on the planet necessarily have to be such a degree of consciousness to benefit from the results offered by a small number of people already familiar with such a degree of knowledge.

Greg Braden

Whose mind chooses feelings such as appreciation, gratitude, forgiveness, care, and compassion, activates the heart with coherency. This is the understanding of the ancient traditions. Fortunately, our Science is surrendering to this same understanding and consequently documenting and studying the effects of our hearts – that goes beyond being the responsible for the blood route pumped throughout the body – for the one who chooses to feel such feelings reflects them on the planet and all humanity benefits from this experience.

It is a fact: the magnetism of our hearts affects the reality in all!


Thus, I finish making a point that despite all poetic allusion regarding of the word ‘heart,’ we cannot deny to be living an extraordinary moment in the history of human civilization, of our planet, the universe as a whole! Therefore, I close this writing with my most sincere vibrations, hoping we hear this loud wake-up call and begin to tune ourselves – effectively -, learning our heart in all its splendor and possibilities!



1 – The God Code (Gregg Braden – American scientist, visionary, and best seller author
2 – The Living Matrix
3 – We Are Change



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